■Return and Cancellation policy 

□Return and Cancellation Policy
Basically, we do not accept any changes, exchanges, or returns to after your is confirmed.

□Return Policy
For exception, If you receive the item within 30 days of receipt, we will accept exchanges and returns only if you receive a different item from your order or if there is a defect in the item.If the above applies, we will be responsible for the return shipping fee.

Please contact us via the inquiry form with a description of the condition, product and a photo of the product.

Items cannot be returned or exchanged

·Products that have been hemmed up or mended

·Used products

·Washed products

·Products that do not have accessories, tags and packaging ·Damaged products

·do not have a receipt (purchase statement/credit card sales slip/return card)

·Products that have been damaged, damaged, or contaminated by the customer

·Products purchased for resale purposes (including cases where our company determines that they are for resale)

·Products ordered as uniforms

·In the case of excessive returns and exchanges

·requested to return or exchange more than 50 items with the same product number

* We cannot deal with products return that have caused damage or contamination intentionally.

□Cancellation of cancellation

Once your order has been confirmed, we will automatically proceed with the shipping process through system integration, so we cannot handle cancellations or changes to your order after confirmation. I hope you can check again to see if the product is correct.

■Shipping andShipping fee

□ Shipping and shipping fee

Standard shipping will be delivered within 3-14 business days of the order date.

Please note that we are not responsible for any delay in delivery that occurs without any reason attributable to us.

*Each item may have a different shipping date.Please check each product page for details.

*The pre-order items will be produced after the order is received, so it will take some time for delivery.


If there is a notice of a delay in shipping in advance, if there is a national holiday, Obon holiday, New Year's holiday, etc., or if orders are concentrated due to the sale of new products, it may exceed 14 days.

□ Method and designation of delivery address

Currently, we cannot specify the day of the week or the delivery time.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact the designated shipping company when you receive an email informing you of the completion of the shipment.

Also, if you are not present at the time of delivery, a notice of absence from the shipping company will be left.In that case, please specify a convenient time for you to receive the item.


[delivery information]

·Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.


* Shipping method cannot be specified.



□ Regarding cash on delivery

We do not offer cash on delivery service at this time.You can only purchase from the shop.

□Mistakes in your address, phone number, and email address

If the item is returned due to a mistake in address or long absence, we will cancel your order.If you would like to purchase, please place an order again.

*In case of cancellation, we will refund the payment amount (you will have to pay the refund fee of 1,000 yen and the round-trip shipping fee).

*It will be returned to stock when it is returned, so even if you place an order again, there are cases where the product is out of stock and cannot be prepared.Thank you for your understanding.

Please note that if the order is cancelled due to malicious acts such as intentionally stating a non-existent address, intentionally returning the item without receiving it without ajustification, or intentionally leaving the item without a justification.Also, please be aware that criminal and civil legal actions may be taken if such malicious acts are found.

□ Specific examples of errors in entry

In particular, there are many errors below.Please fill in the correct address.

- zip code

·  prefecture,  city, ward, county.The contents of town are not filled out even though it exists officially.

·Kanji, hiragana, and katakana have not been written based on official information.

·The names of apartments and condominiums are not listed (only those who live in apartments and condominiums)

- Apartments and condominium numbers are not listed (only those who live in apartments and condominiums)

·Information up to the address is not listed.

·The address is not addressed to your home (e.g., to the post office)

·The zip code is not written correctly.

·The number of digits in the postal code is different from the correct one.

·The address information is not listed.

·The address that does not exist is registered.

·Only the name of the company is listed.

·The address is written in a language other than Japanese.

- Phone number

·Only area codes are listed (for example, 080 only)

·The number of digits in the phone number is incorrect (one digit more, one digit less, etc.)

·A phone number that does not exist is registered.

·International phone numbers are registered (only phone numbers currently available in Japan can be used as shipping information)

·Phone numbers are written in non-numeric characters (e.g., using Chinese characters)

- e-mail

·Not the correct email address

·You are using an email address that cannot confirm and respond to emails sent by our company.


□Contact Information

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we do not have a telephone booth.

For this reason, we limit the method of contacting customers.

We are currently using support chat service.

□ If you cannot receive an email

All automatic notification emails will be sent from this address. >> Source Address Description 

First of all, please check if spam or spam folders have been sent.

Please note that there are many cases where automatic notification emails are not received due to the strict exclusion settings for mobile carrier mail and icloud mail.

Before making an inquiry, please confirm the following two points.

·Cancellation of domain designation

·Confirm spam settings and change settings

If you have not checked this email for your convenience, we will not be responsible for the return of the item due to a mistake in registration information or a mistake in receiving the item, so please check again for notification.

■Resale items

Product information is posted on social media such as Instagram, so please check it out.


□Regarding the request for the receipt

We have exchanged the order confirmation email with the receipt.

In principle, we do not accept individual receipts.

■Gift wrapping Service

□ Regarding gift wrapping service

We do not offer wrapping services at this time.

If you are purchasing as a gift, please wrap and wrap it yourself after purchasing the product.